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Recreation and Wildlife
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Recreation and Wildlife

    Areas Map and Information

  1. Swan Lake, 3 miles east and 2 miles north of Tobias, opened in 1996 and offers a complete package of recreational opportunities.
  2. Walnut Creek Wildlife Management Area, located 2.5 miles northeast of Crete, offers a variety of outdoor activities and is a favorite fishing spot for many southeast Nebraskans.
  3. Clatonia Public Use Area, located 1 mile north of Clatonia, is a nice place to relax and fish.
  4. Leisure lake Wildlife Management Area, located 3 miles south of Plymouth, is a favorite hunting and fishing spot.
  5. 3 miles west and 4.5 miles south of Plymouth, Cub Creek Recreation Area offers outdoor activities for all seasons.
  6. Facilities for a wide variety of outdoor activities make Big Indian Recreation Area, 6 miles east of Odell, one of southeast Nebraska’s most popular lakes.  Video of Big Indian Rec Area. Visit Big Indian Recreation Area website.
  7. With 160 acres of public access, Wolf-Wildcat Wildlife Management Area, located 6 miles south of Virginia, has facilities for hunting and fishing. Video of Wolf-Wildcat Area.
  8. Bear Creek Wildlife Management Area, 4 miles north and 2.5 miles east of Beatrice, offers hunting and fishing opportunities. Video of Bear Creek Area.
  9. Swanton Wildlife Management Area, located on 160 acres, 3 miles north and 1.25 mile west of Swanton, is an excellent fishing, hiking, and hunting area.

  11. Rockford Lake Recreation Area-Structure 4-J Mud Creek Watershed located 8 miles east and 2 miles south of Beatrice.
  12. Diamond Lake Wildlife Management Area-Structure 5-E and 5-F Big Indian Watershed is 3 miles west of Odell.
  13. Arrowhead Lake Wildlife Management Area-Structure 16-C Big Indian Watershed is 8 miles south of Ellis
  14. Swan Lake Wildlife Management Area-Structure #2 Swan Creek Watershed is 7 miles east of Milligan.

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