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Ordering Trees

Trees may be ordered by contacting any of the NRCS offices or the Lower Big Blue NRD office. Orders MUST be in multiples of 25 per species. Delivery date starts in mid-April, depending on the type of weather in the spring.

Species available include:



  Hardwoods   Shrubs
Austrian Pine   Black Cherry Black Walnut Bur Oak American Plum Amur Maple Buffaloberry
Black Hills Spruce   Cottonwood (Seedless) Cottonwood (Seeds) Chinkapin Oak Caragana Chokeberry Chokecherry
Colorado Blue Spruce   Hackberry Honey Locust Kentucky Coffee Tree Cotoneaster Crab Apple Cranberry Highbush
Concolor Fir   Laural Leaf Willow Little Leaf Linden Norway Poplar Elderberry Golden Currant Hardy Apricot
Eastern White Pine   Pecan (Northern) Red Maple Red Oak Hazelnut Honeysuckle Juneberry
Jack Pine   Shagbark Hickory Silver Maple Sugar Maple Lilac (common) Lilac (Villosa) McDermand Pear
Ponderosa Pine   Swamp White Oak     Nanking Cherry Red Osier Dogwood River Grape Vine
Red Cedar         Sand Cherry Serviceberry Skunkbush Sumac
Southwestern White Pine         Woodbine Vine    

Cost of Trees

$ .85 per tree. Orders must be in multiples of 25 per species.  There will be extra charges for special orders. Payment is due upon placement of order. Hand plant orders will be charged an additional $2.20 for packaging and handling.

Planting Service

Contact your local NRCS office or the Lower Big Blue NRD office to make arrangements to plan your windbreak.

A technician will suggest the type of trees suited to your soil type. A plan will be drawn up to meet your needs. The Lower Big Blue NRD will plant the trees with a minimum order of 200 trees.

Trees are planted as soon as the ground conditions are suitable in the spring. Tree planting will begin in a different county each year.


A technician will flag the windbreak before machine planting trees. If flags are removed by the landowner for site preparation, they must be replaced in the same location before tree planting will be done.

Cost of Tree Planting Service

The cost of tree planting is $1.00 per tree. The NRD can no longer provide a spraying service for weed control.


Weed Barrier Squares $1.00 each 3' x 3' square & five 9-guage pins
Tree Tubes $1.25 each 2' high, to be used with broad leaves
Mesh Tree Protector $0.50 each 2' high, and bamboo stake

Site Preparation

Good site preparation is a key to tree growth and survival. The best site preparation begins the year before the trees are planted. No trees will be planted by the NRD in sod unless the ground was prepared the previous fall. The technician assisting in planning the windbreak, can advise you of the type of site preparation needed. The technician can also help you determine if herbicide carry-over will be a problem.

Cost of Site Preparation

The Lower Big Blue NRD has a tractor-mounted rototiller to help cooperators with site preparation. The cost of site preparation is $30.00/tractor hour, with a minimum charge of $60.00.

Payment Procedure

Payment for trees and planting services is due upon ordering. Billing for roto tilling will be done after the trees are planted and will be due upon receipt. Payment payable to the Lower Big Blue NRD.


Lower Big Blue NRD

NRCS-Beatrice 402-223-3125
NRCS-Wilber 402-821-2031
NRCS-Fairbury 402-729-6134
NRCS-Pawnee City 402-852-2288

Questions/Comments respond via e-mail to: Lower Big Blue