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NRD 2013 Tree Program

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The district will start taking tree orders on November/December, 2012 for planting spring 2013. The trees will be sold in lots of 25 and will not be reserved until we receive payment. Hand plant orders will be taken until March 1, 2013. Machine plant orders require full payment when trees are ordered. Orders will be taken until 25,000 trees are ordered.

Prices for 2013 program:

Hand Plant $0.90 each Minimum order 25/species


Machine Plant  $1.00/tree  
Mechanical Site Preparation $30/tractor hour Minimum 2 hours
Weed Barrier Squares $1.00/package Package = 1 (3x3) square & 5 pins
Tree Tubes
(Stake & Tie included)
$1.25 each 2' (use with broad leaf)
Mesh Tree Protector
(Bamboo Stake included)
$0.50 each  18" (use with pines)

Variety of Evergreens/Trees/Shrubs available
9 conifers          15 deciduous trees            22 shrubs (small trees)


Revised: Thursday, November 08, 2012

Questions/Comments respond via e-mail to: Lower Big Blue