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Water Programs    

Due to changes in state statues, new forms are required to be completed prior to payment of cost share for well decommissioning, as well as prior to the approval of any new well permits.  These changes require that a Form W-9 and United States Citizenship Attestation Form are submitted with an application for cost-share on Well Decommissioning.  An Attestation form too will be required before the approval of new well permits.  The district will file both forms received and once on-file, additional W-9 and Attestation forms will not be required. 


Change in New Water Well Construction Permits - Effective 8/30/12 - All Water Well Construction Permits shall be issued by the District and after approval by the Lower Big Blue Board of Directors that typically meet the last Thursday of each month.  Appropriate parties will be notified of permitting or denied no later than 10 days after Lower Big Blue Board action on the water well permits completed and properly prepared application.

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    Drinking Water Analysis


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