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At their September meeting Lower Big Blue NRD directors approved the fiscal year 2004-2005 budget. The NRDís 2005 fiscal year budget will require a general operation budget of $1,503,386. The 2005 property tax levy will be 3.4858 cents/$100 valuation, as compared to 2004 levy of 3.3103 cents/$100 valuation. Property taxes to be collected for the FY 2005 Budget will be $807,000.

The districtís budget reflects a strong commitment to conservation projects with 55% of the total expenditures comprising capital expenditures and the water project. Programs include small dams, land treatment, state buffer strip, swan 5a rehab, urban assistance, EQIP, and water quality programs.

Revenues expected for FY 2005 are $1,771,294. The district expects $85,020 from state funds, including $34,000 from the water quality and well decommissioning funds. Other estimated revenues include: property rent, $11,360; customer charges for tree planting, flags, and irrigation permits, $55,100; miscellaneous, $34,170; federal funds, $238,941; state aid personal property tax relief, $33,310; property taxes, $807,000; income from investments $7,500; and the Beatrice West Public Water Project, $23,000.

Property taxes on a $100,000 house will be $34.84 for NRD programs for 2005.