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Reporting and Education Requirements of
Groundwater Management Area

As a landowner and/or operator in the Lower Big Blue NRD’s Groundwater Management Area (GWMA) Phase II, certain requirements may apply to you.

The GWMA Phase II area includes part of DeWitt Township in Saline County and parts of Blakely and Grant Townships in Gage County.

Rules of the GWMA require reporting of best management practices on selected "demonstration fields". Best management practices include results of deep soil samples for residual nitrate and irrigation water use. Operators need to report a demonstration field for each landlord.

The NRD is providing cost share again on the deep soil nitrate samples. To obtain the cost share, the NRD will need a copy of the sampling results and a copy of the billing of the sample. You can obtain cost share on three samples in the Phase II area for a maximum of $150.00.