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Big Indian Archery Range Grant Approved

The Lower Big Blue NRD and Big Indian Archery Club have been given all federal clearance to develop an archery range at Big Indian Recreation Area located 13 miles south and 2 miles east of Beatrice. The NRD and Archery Club have been approved for a Federal Aid Grant for the development of an archery range from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. The money to develop the archery range comes from the 11% tax on archery equipment, Pittman-Robertson Act amendment of the 1970ís, which requires the tax collected be used for hunter education and range development. The grant is for 75% of the estimated project cost and requires a 25% match from non-federal funds such as volunteer time and donations.

The archery range will consist of 6 fixed targets and 28 range targets, bow holders, shooting stands, benches, picnic tables, restroom, well, shelter, and a one-way woodchip trail. The trail will be connected to the east camping area of Big Indian Recreation Area. The estimated cost of the project is $44,000 and construction is scheduled to begin with much of the work to be done by the Big Indian Archery club members, volunteers, and NRD staff in January of 2004.

The archery range will be open to the public for target shooting, education including hunterís safety, and Archery Club competitions. If you are interested in joining the Big Indian Archery Club, volunteering your time, or making a donation, contact the Lower Big Blue NRD at 228-3402 or contact the Big Indian Archery Club at 645-3050. Their web site is bigindianarchery.tripod.com/index.html.